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Payment procedure with PayPal

-       Find the date of the event (in case of more scheduled dates).

-       Identify the variant that interests you, if expected (for example, MEMBERS or NON-MEMBERS).

-       Fill in the "name" and "e-mail" fields with your data. The "Note" field is optional.

-       Select the number of participants for which you want to pay (default is 1).

-       Press the "Add to Cart" button on the selected variant.
The number of participants can also be changed directly from the Cart.

-       The user can see the contents of the Cart without carrying out any payment action (View Cart) and then return to purchases (click "Continua lo shopping - Continue shopping").

From Cart you must complete the transaction by accessing the payment page.

On that page you can change the language from Italian to English and vice versa

(selection at the bottom of the page).

-       Before proceeding with the payment, check if what is included in the Cart corresponds to what is desired.

-       Otherwise the Cart can be modified or the individual items removed from the Cart.
Then you can continue with the payment or go back to shopping.

-       Click on the "PayPal Paga adesso – Pay Now" button if you wish to pay with PayPal, then log into your PayPal account.

-       This involves inserting your PayPal login e-mail address and password into the form provided.

-       Or click on the "vai alla cassa- Pay with a card" button if you wish to pay with a credit card.

-       The fields are precompiled, peculiar to the country of the owner of the card, which is therefore the first field to choose (by default the country is Italy).

-       All the required data (card details and cardholder address) must be completed by filling in the forms. At the end the transaction ends by pressing the "Pay Now" button.

In both the payment method the PayPal Purchasing Protection program is active.